User experience with Collabora Online

Hi, I am wondering if it’s just me… or do others feel that the user experience—the actual feeling of typing and editing text, including such qualities as the speed of the browser response—is somewhat lacking with Collabora?

Oftentimes I will notice a jerkiness or slight delay when I am typing, which doesn’t occur, for example, when typing here in Discourse—nor with Google Docs, which unfortunately is the baseline experience for many users. Selecting text, copying and pasting, often feels tenuous, it is not smooth.

Is it possibly just an issue with our install, or network latency? Or is it just how Collabora is, and if so, is there any alternative collaborative text editor that could integrate with NextCloud? I only know of Open Office, which seemed a little better, though still had some issues, and a more restrictive licensing model, as I recall.

Yes, the document editors has been an issue for a long time and we’ve switched back and forth between collabora and onlyoffice over the years. Onlyoffice was slightly faster, but would sometimes fail to save documents, so that was a major issue.
We will have a look at the performance of the collabora server and see if we can improve the performance, thanks for reporting this.

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Thanks for the reply, Petter. Hopefully something can be done. I’d be happy to help test if you find room for improvement.

Thanks :+1: We’re looking at different server options - will let you know when it’s upgraded so you can test if the performance gets better.

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