Single sign-on solutions

It would be interesting to get your feedback about different single sign-on solutions. We’ve been reluctant to add another level of user administration so far, and have been trying to keep things as simple as possible. Nextcloud can also be used as an OAuth provider, like we do on this forum.
But for groups with other services too it might make sense to implement something else. What do you think? And is this something we should provide from Collective Tools?

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I think it would make things more simple if you didn’t have to sign up for this forum when you already have a group or individual account. Atleast I didn’t manage to log in with my account mail immedietaly.

Hi @Jonas ! It is possible, but there is a bug since the last update that we’re looking into right now. Thanks for letting us know about this :+1:

I’m not sure if you’ve looked into since. However, I faced the same problem. I needed to create an account for the forum. I used the email that came with the account.

I would like for this to be resolved soon and a way to move from two separate accounts to one unified account.