Problem creating new sheet in Collabora online spreadsheet

I can’t create a new sheet for my spreadsheet. I clicked “New spreadsheet” in Nextcloud and saved it as “test.ods”. At the bottom I am supposed to find the possibility to create new sheets. But I can’t find it.

However, if i resize the window, the bottom part of the spreadsheet flickers with the possibility to create a new sheet. It seems like something is pushing the “sheets part” out of view. I have tried zooming in and zooming out and also tried fullscreen mode but nothing works.


Hi Samuel! Thanks for noticing this, it’s a bug in our version of the document editor (Collabora Online, here’s the issue - Calc bottom bar is missing in some browsers · Issue #2082 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub). It should be fixed in the latest version, we’ll do an upgrade in a few days. Will let you know when it’s done!

Hi! we’ve updated the document editor now, and it works now.