Plugins for the shared Mattermost instance

Hi all!

I had a email conversation with Petter where he mentioned that some of you in the community were looking at a set of Mattermost plugins for the shared instance.

What are you thinking so far?

I represent two organisations that are currently on a trial for the shared Mattermost instance, and I think something like WelcomeBot would be very useful for the non-technical users that we have. But I don’t know if it is even possible to configure by team administrators.

I guess a general challenge is that plugins are enabled and perhaps also configured server-wide.

Or - what would it take for Collective Tools to offer a full Mattermost instance for an organisation (what would the price tag be?), that would allow for full customization. I guess server access would still be limited, but perhaps there would still be ways of enabling full customizability (eg. providing and syncing a config file)

Hi Einar,
A custom installation might be a good idea, we calculate that it would be €20/month, and then you could have multiple teams and set up your own plugins (and all other settings).

We have installed a few new plugins for the shared installation (on request from another customer), but some of them are configured on an admin level and will probably not work that well for a shared instance.
The new plugins are

  • Custom attributes
  • Matterpoll
  • Remind plugin
  • Todo
  • Welcomebot