Mattermost integration

We’re currently looking at a Mattermost integration for our Nextcloud installation for groups - to potentially be used instead of When we started out Mattermost was pretty much identical with Rocket.Chat but with some drawbacks, but now with their integrated kanban board Focalboard and more polished UI it’s starting to look like the better alternative.
Then there is matrix/element of course, but I think that might be too much of a change from using Slack for a lot of people.
Mattermost is about to get collapsible threads and the ability to add more than one server to the mobile apps soon, which has been lacking before, so that’s promising. We’re doing some internal testing now to see how it works out - but would also be happy to hear your experiences of different chat tools!


I would also love to see Mattermost integration – or really any Kanban tool.

Thank you for building this awesome service!