2 things I need

Hiya! - so far I’m loving this, but need to figure out:

  1. How to connect it to my domain
  2. How to sync it with my phone (iOS in particular)

For #1 connecting it to my domain, I was imagining a subdomain of community.domain.com where people can register and collaborate on NextCloud etc. This would also give them an email name@domain.com

Perhaps that’s too complicated or not possible. In which case, I’ll have to figure out how to assign emails at the domain and add collaborators a different way.

For #2 syncing with mobile, do I just download the NextCloud app and set it up that way?


Looks like I found a lead for Desktop/Mobile sync in the settings here.

Will see what happens and report any issues.

Hi @bubbleboy :slight_smile:

  1. Sounds like you might need a group account instead? Then you’ll get your own nextcloud instance that you administer yourself and can add as many people as you need. And we can add for example email integration and custom domain as addons. You can read more here: For Groups – Collective Tools

  2. Yes there are instructions in the help pages, but you can also go to https://my.collective.tools/settings/user/sync-clients and find links for synchronizing. The Nextcloud desktop app is for syncing files. Calendars and contacts are synchronized separately.

Hope that answers your questions!